Update on workshop

We’ve grown our team, adding some people who submitted a paper for the NordiCHI workshop and we’ve had some working group meetings with them. Together we submitted a proposal for CHI2013. We’re awaiting results from our proposal. We’ll be updating our agenda and some of our content in the near future!

Workshop cancelled

Due to only a few papers being received and no confirmed attendees beyond those who authored papers we’ve decided to cancel the workshop. This topic is still of vital interest to us the organizers and we believe there is for it to be addressed in research, practice, and education. We are planning on submitting a proposal for CHI2013 in Paris. It will be juried by the workshop chairs and we’ll let you know the results.

We will however continue to keep this website active and add content, so please add us to your RSS feed or follow us on twitter.

Workshop Topic

If you want to learn how to cross boundaries and get your designs past the conceptual phase, learn how to talk other languages (like the language that those marketers and product managers speak), want to make better deliverables that actually end up in your design being built the way it was intended to be, and “sell” your design then you should come.

Crossing Boundaries

Organizational, disciplinary, hierarchical, and other kinds of boundaries are increasingly one of the most difficult parts of successful innovation and design projects. We need to be able to cross and/or span boundaries as designers and design researchers. This can be seen as design, or designerly communication, design arguments (or arguments for design), selling design, and the construction of boundary objects.

This workshop will be hands-on and interesting for practitioners as you will learn new skills and ways of understanding design communication and then get to try them out. This workshop will also be very interesting for researchers who would like to engage with this topic in a practice-based way, research-through-design way. Researchers can expect to be able to produce new avenues by which they can frame their own research into this topic area.

For any further information on the workshop please contact us at 

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